Ufton Fete: Saturday 1st June 2019

Work has been going on behind the scenes for this year’s fete – and now, with one month to go, things are really ramping up. We’re back for a second year at Greg’s Eggs and our theme this year is flight.

We’ve confirmed some very exciting entertainment for this year, along with some new activities for everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned for new announcements in the next few days!

Snowed in!

Barcelona was freezing. It snowed.

I got to re-visit the Sagrada Família and La Pedrara on the Monday, whilst DH attended MWC. We went to the Circuit de Cataluna on Tuesday, to find snow on the seats in the grandstand! We were very privileged and lucky to have a friend of a friend show us around the Renault garage, and I was excited to see Ted Kravitz from Sky F1 in the paddock. It snowed and rained on Wednesday, and then we flew back on Thursday to the Beast From The East and Storm Emma.

The wretched weather meant that the fete committee meeting would have to be postponed until the following week. Consequently, it also meant that we would have less time to apply for road closures, if that was the committee’s decision. I had to put my thinking hat on.

The secret diary of an unlikely fete organiser

Welcome to my diary!

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to become a fete organiser. When I told my sister I’d volunteered for the role, I think I heard a stifled laugh. She’s the organised planner of the family, and to be fair, I do have more of a reputation of playing it by ear.

Anyway, I thought it might be amusing to keep a diary to record my experiences learning how to organise a village fete. I hope you find it interesting. Perhaps it will even be useful for other future fete organisers!

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