An unexpected offer

Wandering about the village, and wondering about the different options for the fete venue, I found myself walking past the village noticeboard. I spotted that there was a meeting of the parish council that evening. Maybe they could suggest an easier way to have the fete at the village hall, or come up with a suggestion that we hadn’t yet considered.

So, off I went, with DH kindly offering moral support to help me navigate the complexities and formalities of local government. Their usual agenda allows for a villager to speak for 3 minutes on a subject of their concern. So I explained our dilemma, and requested of their collective wisdom and experience. The parish council were not particularly keen on the road closure ideas. One particular concern (which we hadn’t yet considered) was that parking would be an issue. They also explored the local farm fields ideas – but, again, the lack of power and water was a serious drawback.

The council were expressing sorrow that they were unable to help any further. when, suddenly a voice cried out, “You can have it at mine!”.

It turns out that one of our newest parish councillors is equally keen to do something for the village. He has a tree surgery business, and small farm, just on the outskirts of the village. We arrange that I go there for a look the next day. Could having the fete in his yard work?

I contemplate the new possibilities as the parish council discuss lampposts in the village.

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