Licences & paperwork

Did I mention that there’s a well-oiled team behind this?

While I’ve been setting up this site, the committee have been busy. We’ve got the alcohol licence, so we can push ahead with the beer tasting tent. This is going to be an interesting offering, as Greg’s son is a keen brewer and beer enthusiast & he plans to give talks about the subject. T is at pains to point out, though, that it’s her name on the licence, and so she would be the one in trouble should we fall foul of the law! I’ve promised her that we’ll police it well.

One thing on my mind at the moment is our exciting idea to have a clay pigeon shoot. This is an awesome new venture for the fete, and one that I’m sure will be extremely popular with attendees – if we can do it. The guy who runs it is very keen, and is currently looking into the licensing required. My main concern, though, is getting it covered by the fete’s insurance – but I’ve heard about it happening at other village fetes, so I know it’s possible to sort out.

Getting an ice-cream van has proven more difficult. Two local ones are already booked for other events. I must ask T if she has a contact – otherwise we’ll do like like year and sell Magnums & lollies from a freezer! It’ll be cheaper & bring in more funds for the fete.

It’s the same story with the barbecue. To get a good one, you need to book at least 6 months in advance. However, Greg’s managed to convince someone to lend one, and to do some cooking. We’ll just need to supply the food. S tells me that hotdogs are extremely profitable, and easy to do, so that’s definitely an option to consider.

Handy Fete Tip: Be organised! Book external people as early as possible, and otherwise they’ll get snapped up by other events.

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