Picking a venue

I’d prepared a pros and cons list for each of the proposed fete locations which I presented to the committee. By this time, the thought of arranging a road closure was not a particularly attractive proposition due to the closeness of the deadline for submitting the form, and also inconvenience to the residents. Fortunately, the committee agreed. That left the pub and Greg’s Eggs as the only real contenders. Perhaps it was the sloe gin that Greg brought that swayed the final decision, or perhaps the committee was impressed by the enthusiasm and excitement (or should that be egg-citement) of a new location for the fete. Whatever the reasons, the new venue was chosen.

The only problem with the chosen venue is its location. How can we get villagers who don’t drive (and can’t walk) to the fete? There’s been a suggestion of using local tractors & trailers! Well, this is the countryside after all!

Handy fete tip: Have a well-oiled team!
Slow gin & wine certainly make meetings more pleasant. It’s also great when you have a team that makes things happen. I was really impressed that the committee were receptive to new ideas, quickly figuring out how to make things work, whilst ensuring that we don’t lose sight of the traditional character of the fete.

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